One of the most common questions I get is what tools and/or software I work with.  I work primarily with two – Adobe Illustrator (to make art) and Adobe After Effects (to animate art).  Back in the day, I worked with Flash (now Adobe Animate CC) to add interactivity to animated projects.

I’ve also had people (those with more extensive art backgrounds) ask me what drawing tablet I use.  When I started several years ago, I was still working in academia.  Time (and money) were limited.  I was willing to spend a little money on Illustrator.  I wasn’t willing to spend money on anything else – tablet included.

So, I’d simply sketch something out on paper first, scan it in, and work over top of it in Illustrator.  Then I just got used to creating all my art that way.

Eventually, I caved and purchased an Intuos Wacom in 2012.  I never did get comfortable with it, though.  I keep promising I’ll dig it out of my closet at some point and give it another chance. For now, paper works just fine.

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